Why you can’t lose weight 4 of 7


Let’s get real here.

Yes, you can’t lose weight if your mindset is not in the place – where you allow yourself to lose weight. If you have been following my previous Mindful May blog posts, you will know what I’m talking about.

  • You’ve got to decide to lose weight.
  • You’ve got to stop “should-ing” yourself to losing weight.
  • You have to join my recovering perfectionist club to get out of your own way.

But the main reason you can’t lose weight is this: you are overeating. 

Unless you’ve got some medical condition that prevents you from losing weight, you are overweight now because you are over-fueling your body. Period.

And let’s not talk calories, please.

In fact, let’s never talk or count calories again. 

Our ancestors – the cavemen and women didn’t count calories.

And they weren’t overweight.

They didn’t overeat because they didn’t have food available to them at all times.

They didn’t have distractions to allow for mindless eating.

They ate to fuel their bodies so they could survive.

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in caves anymore, although sometimes that sounds pretty enticing. With our evolved human brain, we have an ability to be mindful about what, when and how we fuel ourselves, in the comfort of modern conveniences, and a warm house.

See where you are overeating now so that you can start to lose your excess weight.

Listen to your body.

Eat to fuel your body.

It might be as simple as that.



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