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“I eat very healthily, but I can’t seem to lose weight!”

Does this resonate with you?

There are two reasons that will help you understand why you are not losing weight even though you are eating healthy foods:

  1. You are eating too much of the healthy stuff. 
  2. The healthy foods you eat don’t work for your particular body. 

Losing weight is a process of learning about yourself.

You have to become an investigator of your mind and your body.

The one really important investigation is learning what foods work best for your wonderfully unique body. 

We take it for granted that we can eat whatever we want, especially if it’s “healthy.”

Have you considered that you might be ignoring some physical signs and symptoms after you eat certain foods?

Have you felt bloated, gassy, puffy, itchy, foggy after eating/drinking something?

Have you had stomach pain, belching, diarrhea or constipation after a meal?

Have you tossed and turned in bed after eating before hitting the pillow?

These are some signs that you might have food sensitivities (which may not show up in any tests your doctor orders for you).

If you are not overeating, these foods might be keeping you from losing weight. 

  • They might be messing up with your microbiome.
  • They might be helping you retain water.
  • They might be causing inflammation inside your body.

Take a moment to note the signs and symptoms that your wise body tells you.

Even if the food is “healthy,” you may be eating something that is stalling your weight loss progress.



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