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So, you’re doing everything “right.”

You’re not overeating.

You’re committed to your weight loss goals.

You’re eating the “right stuff.”

And yet, you can’t lose weight.

Here’s one very possible reason why: you are overly stressed.

Even though a healthy amount of stress is required for us to function, too much stress causes the body to prioritize survival mechanisms over weight loss.

Too much stress puts us in the fight/flight mode which throws off our hormones, metabolism, and immunity. Our hunger/thirst cues are off, our sleep is wacked. Under a lot of stress, we aren’t operating properly.

Do you know anyone who struggled to get pregnant, only to be surprised after they’d let go of “trying?”

Weight loss is similar to that way.

Evaluate your life, eliminate unnecessary stress where you can, and allow your body to function at its optimal.



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