Why you can’t lose weight 7 of 7


The last reason that you can’t lose weight is perhaps the most common one.

I’m pretty sure you know it already.

You can’t lose weight because you aren’t consistent about your weight loss. 

Any diet plan out there will work, if you stick with it.

The problem is, you don’t.

Losing weight sustainably requires that you find a system that works for you. It’s got to be a way of living that you can do consistently. 

When you start with a program, or a diet, or anything new, it feels novel and great at first. So you might stick with it for a few days, maybe a few weeks, or perhaps 30 days for Whole30.

But then you get bored, you feel deprived, you feel uncomfortable with what you are doing.

So you don’t stay consistent and abandon whatever you are doing.

Your weight loss halts.

This is the diet mentality that is so unhelpful and detrimental to your overall success.

To lose weight effectively, sustainably, naturally, you have to move away from that kind of thinking.

You have to create a system that works for you, your body, your lifestyle.

Once you find it, being consistent with that system becomes your new habit which will for sure, help you reach and stay at your natural weight.



What do you need to do to lose weight? 

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