Winter Reset 2020


I’m so excited to host the first Mindful Eating Reset this year!

If you’re new to my community, welcome!

Each season, I host a free, 5-day, Mindful Eating Reset to help us all reconnect with our innate ability to eat in the way that serves us best, physically and emotionally.

Mindful Eating is the opposite of mindless eating.

When we eat mindfully, we get to also live deliberately and create a life and body we love. 

Mindful Eating allows us to:

  • enjoy and savour what we eat
  • feel good before, during and after we eat
  • feel satisfied physically and emotionally
  • weigh our natural body weight
  • have a healthy relationship with food
  • be comfortable in and at peace with our own body
  • trust our body’s cues
  • trust our own decisions
  • be in charge of our own life

During the free 5-day Reset, you will get a daily email that simple tips and tools you can practice.

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook community where all the actions happen!

Check out some sweet words from past Reset participants.

For this Winter Reset, I’m determined to show you how the ME diet (Mindful Eating Diet) will help you create the food and weight freedom you deserve, once and for all!

Find out how, practice the tools, and give yourself a gift of freedom this year.

Join and participate for free 

And I’ll see you soon!



Ready to move forward in your health and wellness journey? Contact me today! I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. stephanie albrigtht says

    Thank you for helping us to become one with our bodies in this new journey!

    • says

      Looking forward to it with you!

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