Year end reflections 2021

“The days are long, the years are short.”

I heard this saying countless times when our kids were little. It was meant to give some kind of solace for a mother of twins, during the stages of sleepless nights, challenging toddler days, the terrible two’s, and the like.

Nobody quite prepared us for the “the days are short, and so are the years” phase of parenthood, or of life for that matter!

How is it that we are at the end of 2021, I have no idea what happened!  At least that’s what I say to myself.

And yet, upon reflecting back, 2021 wasn’t a complete “wash.”

On the contrary, a lot happened in 12 months time, albeit in that pandemic fashion with lots of uncertainties & fears, mixed with gratitude and joy.

Please let me indulge for a moment.

Professionally, I moved my office three times, happily went back to treating patients one at a time, gratefully coached clients in person and virtually. I learned new healing tools from the Center for Mind Body Medicine during two professional trainings; Tony Robbins taught me how to unleash the power within myself. I also joined my first holistic business mastermind, made new professional friends near and far, facilitated a few self care groups to live and eat with more ease. Some people might have had major transformations along the way!

Personally, I changed up my exercise and eating routines (stopped intense workouts, incorporated intermittent fasting, decreased caffeine and sugar intake, dropped my cholesterol by 60 points), said more no than yes, made lots of mistakes, and experienced all the human emotions as a daughter, friend, mother & wife. Despite not getting to see my own family in person these last two years, I am feeling more at home in myself now than ever.

Reflecting on the year like this makes the year feel more fulfilled than not. The year was both short and long, good and bad, happy and sad, easy and hard. It was the definition of yin – yang, the Chinese concept of duality: one can’t exist without the other; everything depends on and transforms into each other. Nothing is black or white. And for sure, there is no perfection.

I recently shared this Yin-Yang concept, among other Chinese Medicine secrets, in a 3-day live event.

You can catch the replays here

How about you? What happened for you in 2021? Can you reflect back, and celebrate all that happened?

Was it good AND bad, happy AND sad, easy AND hard? 

If so, congratulations! You are living that imperfectly perfect human experience!

I wish you a peaceful and healthy end of the year and look forward to what’s to come in 2022.

I know it’s going to be a good one!


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