Your team members

kit yoon

If we call life a game that we have to play, who is on that team with you?

Do you ever sit down to reflect on who is on YOUR team? 

Are the people on your team helping you win?

I just did this recently – I wrote down the people on my team who I trust, who help me succeed at my goals.

On the list… I have my family, of course.

I also have a business coach, a branding/innervoice coach, a mindset coach, a website goddess, and a small handful of friends / colleagues I cherish…

And then, there’s me. We are always on our own team, whether we like it or not.

My team helps me win at the games I play in my life, personally and professionally.

The reason I even did this reflection exercise was because during my coaching session with Xen, she asked if I was operating like I am on my team.

“Are you on “Team Kit” when you made that decision,” she inquired.

Ohhhh… what a question!

When you or anyone else is on your team, you have the same intention and goal of keeping the team “winning” which may look like anything that creates your definition of success (peace, health and harmony for me).

We are and should be on our own team. In fact, we are the CEO of our team.

We get to decide what we want and how we want it.

We can inspire and empower ourselves and our team members while being inspired and empowered by them.

So, we ought to choose the best team members for maximum results!

Do you know who is on your team and are you all working towards helping you win at your game of life?

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